Why Do I Have Gophers In My Yard Or Field In Utah?

The following is what draws gophers to your property:

1. Food

Gophers will go where they can find food. Gophers only eat vegetation.

They love roots and plants. Sometimes they will graze on grass and clover.

2. Soil composition

Gophers are amazing excavators, they like to dwell in areas with loose, sandy soil because it is easy for them to move.

3. Shelter

Gophers can be preyed upon by other animals. They will try to protect themselves to stay safe.

Many times if they can, they will build their tunnel systems under bushes, along fence lines, or under trees.

Once you have a gopher or two in your yard, you will need to eliminate them. They will reproduce and your problem can very quickly get out of control. Gophers will inflict severe damage on your property.

Female gophers generally have between one to three litters per year. Each litter will usually have five to six gophers.

The will stay with their mother for a few weeks. They will then begin to build their own burrows and make tunnels.

It is always important to eliminate gopher infestations very quickly. Gophers become hard to manage once they get a foothold on your yard or field in Utah.

Professional gopher control is almost always your best option. Gophers and other burrowing animals are extremely difficult to eliminate.

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