Utah Gopher Control

Utah gophers are burrowing pests that can be very tricky to get rid of. They are underground burrowers. In their effort to consume whatever they can find to eat, they will destroy front lawns, backyards, pastures, vegetable gardens and all types of landscaping.

Warning Signs for Utah Gophers

  • Horseshoe shaped mounds of dirt
  • Damage to grass, trees, plants, and flowers
  • Water line damage

Gophers very rarely come out of their holes, It is not often that you will see them above ground.

Why Utah Gopher Control Is The Best In Gopher Elimination in the State

Gopher elimination is our specialty and the focus of our very effective removal services.  We offer a non-toxic, environmentally friendly gopher control solution. We eliminate these destructive pests without the use of poison.

To learn more about our gopher removal services, please Utah Gopher Control today at 801-639-9484