Gophers In Utah

Many states in the United States, including Utah have small burrowing rodents known as gophers. Gophers have very small ears, large incisor teeth which protrude outside of their mouth. This allows them to chew without getting dirt in their mouth. Gophers are strong for their size and also very agile. They can actually move as fast backward in their tunnels as they can forward. All of these attributes allow them to live and thrive easily underground.
Gophers do not see or smell well. Their whiskers are used to feel their way underground. Gophers move the most during the day. They of course spend most of their time in the dark.

Most gophers are in the western part of the United States. They can be found in a wide range of environments.

For gophers, it is not unusual for them to create more than one mound a day. Gophers can move over two tons of soil each year. Snow does not slow them down. Gophers are active all year. They don’t hibernate. Constantly need food, they will burrow through snow to find it.
Burrowing gophers cause a lot of damage. Many times their activity leads to broken pipes, as well as, damage to existing foundations and structures. Their mound building and tunneling work is very active during spring and fall.
Most gophers have an average life span is 2-5 years. However, some gophers can live up to 8 years. Damage caused by gophers can be extensive. Tunneling and burrows can cause flooding and damage to structures. Gophers can do extensive damage to plants. They will move into a yard and eat almost any kind of plant.
Stop the damage being done to your property.
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