Gopher Extermination Techniques in Utah

Utah Gopher Control uses a very efficient and safe process to humanely eliminate gophers on your property.
Gophers ruin your lawn, yard and garden. They make holes that can be dangerous for livestock.
Our process injects Carbon Monoxide into the gopher’s tunnels. They just pass out and do not wake up.
Other much less effective methods include:
  • Gopher Traps which are very time consuming and requires the messy disposal with the possibility of diseased gophers.
  • Gopher Poisons can come with possible risk to pets. The risk comes when a pet plays with a gopher that is poisoned and looking for water. Pets can also ingest the poison. If poisoned gophers die in a field at a common water source, they can cause contamination for pets, horses and livestock.
  • Gopher Repellents are generally only temporary so it does not solve the problem. It is just moved to another location. The gophers will come back.

We eliminate gophers at:

  • residential locations
  • horse facilities
  • parks and municipalities
  • cemeteries
  • livestock pastures
  • crop fields
  • sports facilities
  • airports
  • golf courses
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