gopher control and pets


When it comes to gopher control while keeping pets safe, here are a few suggestions:

Physical Barriers: Install underground wire mesh or hardware cloth around areas where gophers are active. This can help prevent them from burrowing into specific areas while allowing your pets to roam freely.

Natural Deterrents: Some plants, like castor bean plants, produce a scent that gophers dislike. Planting these around your yard may help deter gophers from entering the area.

Pet Supervision: Keep a close eye on your pets when they are outside, especially if you suspect gopher activity. Discourage them from digging or chasing gophers, as this can lead to injuries or encounters with other wildlife.

Gopher Traps: If gophers are causing significant damage, you may consider using gopher traps. However, exercise caution and follow the instructions carefully to ensure the safety of your pets. Place the traps in areas inaccessible to your pets or use covered traps specifically designed to prevent accidental pet interactions.

Professional Assistance: If gopher control becomes challenging or if you have concerns about your pet’s safety, it’s advisable to seek help from a professional pest control service. They can provide effective and safe solutions tailored to your specific situation.

Remember, the safety of your pets should always be a priority. Consult with an expert for further advice on gopher control methods that are safe for your specific pets.

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