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FAQ About Controlling Gophers In Utah

1. How can I repel gophers?

No repellents have proven effective against gophers. You may have heard that gophers can be repelled with castor bean or garlic, but no research supports that. Trying to get rid of gophers with such things as vibrating stakes, wind chimes, or pinwheels is also not effective.

2. Does fumigation control gophers in Utah?
Fumigation which would include smoke or gas cartridges is also not effective in removing gophers. They will block their tunnels as a defense before they are overcome with the fumes or gases their tunnel system. 
3. Can I use predators to control gophers in Utah?

Hoping that predators will control your gophers will likely not provide the results you are looking for. installing owl boxes to encourage barn owls to nest will not solve your problem. Barn owls won’t necessarily limit their hunting grounds to your home, and there is no guarantee they will target your gophers.It is best to seek professional help with your gopher problem . Utah Gopher Control uses the newest technology available to eliminate gophers.

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