Utah Gopher Control equipment

Eliminating Gophers From Your Property in Utah

Gophers cause substantial damage to your property. They can transmit infectious rodent diseases, and can pass along ticks and fleas to pets and humans. If you have soil mounds on your property, you likely have a gopher problem. There are many methods designed to treat gopher infestations, most are ineffective. One excellent option, used by only a few professionals is a carbon monoxide machine.


 It is a poison-free method to get rid of gophers and other burrowing rodents. Instead of trying to apply poisons to eliminate your gopher problem, the carbon monoxide machine pumps carbon monoxide into their burrows, leaving no harmful chemicals behind.

The process works like this: Technicians will first probe the gopher tunnel system, then cover all the open holes and insert a nozzle into the last open hole. The machine will then release a harmless cloud of smoke that will fill the tunnels. The smoke makes it easy to spot open holes that were missed as the smoke starts to come out. These holes are then covered to ensure the whole system is sealed off and will then fill with carbon monoxide eliminating the burrowing pests.


The carbon monoxide process can be a very useful and effective tool to successfully eliminate gophers on your property in Utah. This process is much safer for the environment. Since there are no poisons used it is also safe for other animals, including pets. Also, the carbon monoxide application has little-to-no effect on the soil itself.

The gopher carbon monoxide machine is a great option to control gopher populations for homes, businesses, airports, municipalities, golf courses, farms, and cemeteries in Utah. The carbon monoxide process is a very safe and effective way to eliminate gophers and other burrowing rodents from your property.

Utah Gopher Control is your best and trusted option for this very effective process. 

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