Burrowing animals are animals that dig tunnels or burrows in the ground for shelter, food storage, or protection. Some common examples of burrowing animals include moles, gophers, groundhogs, prairie dogs, and rabbits.

Burrowing animals can be destructive to homes, farms, and gardens because their tunnels can weaken the soil and cause structural damage. For example, burrowing animals can damage the foundation of a house or building, or they can cause sinkholes in a yard or garden. In addition, burrowing animals can damage crops and gardens by eating roots, bulbs, and other plant parts.

To prevent damage from burrowing animals, it is important to identify the type of animal causing the problem and use a professional burrowing animal control company in Utah using an appropriate, safe, control method. This should not include ineffective methods such as: trapping, fencing, or using repellents. It is also important to maintain  healthy and well-drained soil to discourage burrowing animals from digging in the first place.